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70% of Americans are often experiencing dehydration, which is the main cause for stress, directly leads to low performance and other series of modern diseases. 

New scientific findings revealed that most water we drink are actually scientifically classified as “lifeless”, due to lack of oxygen and minerals, and most are acidic and have loose molecular structure. Whether is tap water, filtered water, purified water or distilled water, their macro cluster size can hardly penetrate into cell membrane, which has a tiny narrow path. So no matter how much water or beverage we consume, the “drought” inside of our cells can not be relieved, even though our body fluids may be an “ocean”.

Scientists found out that most healthy cells (DNA) are surrounded with organized, hexagonally structured water molecules, and yet the damaged DNAs are often surrounded with loose structured water molecules.  We all know that snow usually indicates a harvest season. Snow is hexagonal structured tiny molecules that can easily pass through the cell membrane, thus the plant immune system is enhanced to fight against virus or diseases, and grows to its fullest state. Human beings’ cells also love hexagonal structured water, to transport nutrients and oxygen, thus  live a naturally healthy lifestyle.

70% of human body are water, and 90% of blood plasma are water. Life-enhancing living water will definitely make a difference in our health and lifestyle. 

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Vitalizer Plus™ is the US patented household device (blender size) to enhances the drinking water quality and taste,  so the ‘lifeless” water become oxygenated, mineralized, alkalized, energized, and structured.  The hexagonal structure remains stable under normal temperature for weeks,  and it’s the best hexagonal water in market.



“Even my doctor told me to keep drinking this water!”

When I first began to drink Vitalized water, I was having trouble with a lot of swelling in my legs. Within 2 weeks, it was gone and I noticed that my circulation seemed to be much better. I also began to notice how much more energy I had. I actually felt like doing my work!
This water has also... (more).

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Vitalizer Plus

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